Questions are still coming in re: what to do about DSM 5.

The answer is still the same-you may do nothing if you please. There is NO federal law requiring its use. When you bill for a session and use a DSM 4 code it is translated into an ICD 9 code by every insurance company.  Therefore you may still use the DSM 4 code which is really the ICD 9 code

All that changes on Oct. 1st 2014 at which time HIPAA will require all health care to document using ICD 10. This large book covers all medical fields. Mental health is in section 5 and can be down loaded for free. You will not find detailed clinical guidance as to how to define each diagnosis.

So you can use DSM 5 if you wish. You can still use DSM 4 if you wish but only till Oct. 1, 2014. All billing is currently ICD and will remain ICD.

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One Response to ICD vs DSM

  1. Dr. Rita Petro says:

    CDPHP requires DSM 5 codes, will not recognized DSM IV.

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