DSM 5 or ICD 9

DSM 5 is scheduled for release in May 2013. There will be major changes in the codes and categories offered.There will be controversy. But are we compelled to use it?
We actually have a choice. We can choose to use DSM or ICD. The revised ICD 10 will be out in Oct. 2014 so ICD 9 can be used until then.
Insurance companies will accept either coding. They just cross walk DSM to match ICD.
DSM 5 will cost $199. ICD 9 is free and is on line.
NYSPA will host a 4 hr live webinar on March 3 from 9:30-2;00. You can register at the NYSPA web site. This is not an endorsement for DSM as I am likely to switch to ICD for my group practice but also attend the webinar.

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3 Responses to DSM 5 or ICD 9

  1. Am I correct that all the pscyhological/psychiatric diagnoses in the DSM are the same as the ICD? If not, what are the differences? If so, why do we have two manuals?

    • Lori Jeanne Peloquin, PhD says:

      DSM5 is cheaper on amazon if buy paperback. ICD10 puts Autism/Aspergers as separate items under psychoses. This will be completely different from Autism Spectrum disorders in DSM5. Most of depression is under psychoses as well. Very different from how most of us think about these things.

  2. I guess I’m asking — in general, is the DSM just like taking one chapter out of the bigger book (in this case the ICD)? I know the ICD deals with all kinds of medical disorders, so is the DSM (if you have the latest of each) just the “psychiatric chapter” of this book?

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