What We Can Do After the Tragedy

The shock and the sadness is still so ever present since the shooting. It is hard to pull oneself away from the 24/7 news cycle of fact and speculation. Many psychologists are being interviewed. We are being asked about the role of gaming on reality testing. We are being asked about rage and mental illness and even about  personality disorders.

There is a place for all of this. But come Monday or Tuesday morning we will be sitting across from our pts who will be hurting. We must remember to leave speculation at the door and to be there for our pts. But in order to do  this we must spend time getting in touch with our own emotional world. We must know where we are so we can better attend to where our patients are.

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2 Responses to What We Can Do After the Tragedy

  1. Tanya Gesek says:

    Here is a great resource sent from APA to help with the tough discussion with your children in the aftermath of this tragedy. http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/aftermath.aspx

    For more great resources, please access our public eduction facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PsychologyResources?ref=stream and twitter feed @NYSPAMindBody Information is posted there regularly on this event and other useful information geared toward the general public

    • Jerry grodin says:

      These are great resources. Thanks. What we need to be alert for is the less acute and the more long term effects around safety and security in our patients. It will be present in dreams or in greater restrictions on the freedoms granted to the children.

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