CPT codes

Lots of anxiety on many lists re lower fees. So far, in NY only CDPHP has lowered fees for 90834. They seem to expect folks to bill 90837 to get the higher rate but that could change. Optum is expecting us to use 90834 in place of 90806 for the same rate. Anything else we use, which is non routine, will get their attention.

Most insurance companies are still working out the details so thing could change as we move forward, including rates.

There is no grace period. Only new codes will be accepted starting January first.


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One Response to CPT codes

  1. I just got a list of Fee Maximums for PhD in NY & NJ and the rates have been lowered for 90791 initial diagnostic evaluation and 90834 replacing 90806. I tried to get authorization for 90837 and it is just a nightmare!

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